~LIFE UPDATE~ For those of you lovely people who have reached out and inquired about my absence, I wanted to briefly catch you up on what’s been happening in my life lately. Charlie and I returned home from Costa Rica for a few different reasons. One was that his allergies to something either in our house or the forest around us were becoming severe. Another was that our internet connection was very poor. And lastly, and most exciting… is that we decided to begin the process of acquiring me a Fiance Visa so I can move to the States and we can get married! We’re both very excited and patiently waiting as this process can take upwards of 6 months in most cases. I thought now would be a perfect time to start making YouTube videos again as I’ve missed you all. It’s always been a good creative outlet for me, and I enjoy being able to help fellow vegans stay healthy! I hope everyone is doing well, and thank you for your continuing support!

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