Shoveling plants down your throat but not gaining any weight? Eating enough food to support muscle growth on a vegan diet can be-well, let’s face it — brutally hard.

But there’s one awesome ‘hack’ that allows you to add easy-to-consume calories to your diet; drinking them instead of chewing.

There aren’t too many of them, but if you do some digging, you’ll find a few decent plant-based products for gaining muscle mass.

if you want something convenient and purely plant-based to help you reach your daily caloric goals, here are some of the best vegan mass gainers I recommend:

We’ll even look at how to create your own highly effective vegan mass gainer.

Vegan Liftz utilizes our team of expert trainers, dietitions and fitness buffs to review all the products in our videos. If you’d like more information or purchase the products listed in the video…please click the links below!
1 – Vegan Naked Mass –

2 – IRONVEGAN Gainer – />
3 – GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer – />
4 – VEGANMASS – />
5 – Nutiva Organic – />
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