Soy protein isn’t as well known as other plant-based proteins. But the isolated form of soy contains compounds with anti-cancer properties. Studies have shown that soy may have some anti-cancer effects, especially against breast cancer. And the dietary benefit is minimal, compared to the potential health benefits. Sunflower seed protein powder is another option, and it is gluten-free. Soy is an excellent source of protein, but you should be careful to get the right amount.

For the best results, mix plant-based sources of protein. This will not only make your meals more interesting, but it will help your body get all the essential amino acids. Most animal proteins contain all eight essential amino acids, but most plant-based proteins are deficient in one or two of these. Fortunately, there are ways to compensate for this deficit, including mixing plant-based proteins into your daily meals. Here are 16 vegan protein sources.

Egg substitutes. The JUST Egg is a popular vegan egg replacement. It’s made from mung bean protein and provides seven grams of protein per folded egg. You can eat JUST Egg with a spoonful of nutritional yeast and sausage. It also makes a great meal when paired with oat milk. The protein-packed meal provides 19 grams of protein, so it’s a good breakfast choice for those watching their intake.

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