Supplements for vegan women // 10 Vitamins & Minerals Healthy Vegan Women Should Consider Taking

As a woman eating a vegan diet, or perhaps thinking about transitioning to one, you may wonder about the vitamins vegan women should take.

Many vegans strongly claim that a whole food, plant-based diet can easily meets all of your daily nutrient requirements. But healthcare professionals often warn vegans about the slew of nutrients that can’t be easily found on a vegan diet.

So with so many conflicting views, it can be easy to feel confused.

My hope is that this video can take a bit of that confusion away.

In it, I’ll cover the nutrients which you may have difficulty getting on a vegan diet, which supplements vegan women should consider taking and in which circumstances they may be most beneficial in.

Comprehensive article on the vegan supplements vegan women should take (including answers to FAQs):

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