//My favorite preworkout powder (20% off till Jan 3rd 2022!)
(preworkout nutrition explained here:

//Favorite Kitchen Gadgets:
★French Press:
★Silicone Stasher Bag (similar to mine):
★Lemon/Lime Juicer (similar to mine):

//Favorite Books for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle:
★Atomic Habits is my absolute FAVORITE book for healthy habit and motivation HACKS:
★Intuitive Eating Workbook (for those with disordered eating, who need to take a more gentle approach to health and nutrition):

//Supplements I take as a Vegan (I love and trust these brands)
★ Multivitamin:
(this one is good for adult men AND women)
★Algae Omega (EPA/DHA):
★Vitamin D:

★Right Rice (high fiber lentil rice):
★Seaweed (great with the Right Rice!):
★Vegan pancake mix (just add water!):

//Filming Equipment I use:
*I’ve used 3 of them and this one is the most sturdy and best in my opinion- it has lasted me the longest!

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0:00 dietitian reacts
2:00 vegan iron, red meat and cancer
3:59 calcium and vitamin D
5:18 is soy bad? vitamin D & sunscreen
8:14 iodine, selenium & omega 3s for vegans
10:39 vegan sources of zinc
11:07 vitamin B12 // dietitian career: hospital vs 1:1 counseling
13:53 does B12 type matter? // what i’ve learned
17:00 vegan protein // why am I like this
19:23 final thoughts // code word

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