There are many vegan protein options to choose from. While they are free of meat, eggs, and dairy products, they do contain fiber. Plant proteins are also rich in vitamins and minerals. This makes them a more nutritious choice than animal proteins. Here are a few of the best options. Using tofu as your protein source can help you get all the necessary nutrients. Besides making a great source of protein, tofu is also an excellent source of calcium and iron.

Soy protein is an excellent source of complete protein. Soy milk is an excellent source. Soy isoflavones are found in soy and may even help reduce muscle damage during exercise. However, soy isn’t synonymous with processed meats. It’s best to look for soy-based proteins, which are made from chia seeds. They’re not very high in total protein per serving, so try to limit your intake to a minimum.

Beans are a great source of plant protein. Lentils, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and black-eyed peas are all excellent sources. Most beans are also good sources of vegan protein, including chickpeas. A cup of cooked chickpeas has 15 grams of protein. You can use lentils as your breakfast staple to create a vegan-friendly breakfast. Then, add some nutritional yeast, sausage, and apricots for a delicious, nutritious snack.

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