For optimum health, vegans need to take vegan supplements. Before we get into that, I’m going to talk about why you should be a vegan. I’ll also explain what a vegan is. Finally, in this article, we’ll delve into some of the most important nutrients missing from a typical vegan diet, and that vegan supplements are out there to purchase in 2100.

Let’s start with something really simple. Most vegans need vitamins for strength and stamina, because a vitamin a day can help prevent a vitamin d overdose. In addition, most of us need collagen, to help repair muscles after exercising. If you’ve been doing a lot of running, biking, or other cardiovascular exercises, you probably already take a vitamin or supplement. Now, if you don’t already, you should start taking a prenatal vitamin. It contains folic acid, essential to cell division, and may even lower your risk of preterm labor!

What about minerals? Most people are deficient in iron, so vegans need supplements of chromium, copper, and iron absorption. You may not be able to eat meats, but most plants don’t have rda either. Chromium is found in tomatoes, chocolate, and peanut butter. Copper is found in nuts, spinach, carrots, and red peppers.

Of course, veganism is a lifestyle choice, not a fad diet. So, if you’re not committed to being a vegan, or if you aren’t taking any nutritional yeast or other supplements, then there’s no reason you can’t get enough vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But even when you’re eating a mostly meat-free diet and doing all of your exercising, sometimes you still won’t get all of the nutrients you need. A supplement is the best way to insure that you get all of your daily nutrients.

The minerals above are great, but there are some other nutrients that are great for vegans too. For example, flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential in the production of new cells, but it also boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation, increases energy, and improves your mood. Avocado is another great vitamin for vegans, with amino acid protein that help build muscle and heal tissue, as well as the benefits of essential fatty acids. If you aren’t a big fan of soy, hemp, or eggs (they contain allergens), then add the chickpea protein to your nutrition plan.

There are other vegan diet nutrients you probably didn’t think of – like probiotics! They boost your intestinal health and allow you to digest food better. There are many supplements for both of those – for digestive issues and inflammation, look for something like Spirulina, which are high in protein, essential fatty acids, and a B-complex. And don’t forget fiber! It’s one of the most important nutrients for vegans, particularly when it comes to getting enough to keep you full and prevent constipation.

A few more quick-fix “quick-fixes” can be found at your local co-op. But overall, a good supply of vitamins and a couple of good quality supplements should keep your vegan diet in good shape. Once you begin eating real whole foods again, you’ll find that your body will reward you for it. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

So there you have it – a few quick, easy, and inexpensive supplements for your vegan workout. If you incorporate probiotics and an appropriate nutrient supplement, you’ll find yourself feeling better than ever. Your body will thank you and start functioning at its very highest level. Don’t waste any more time with supplements – start using probiotic-rich foods to create a healthy, vibrant lifestyle today!

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