Fitness Supplements I Use | Vegan Diet

Fitness Supplements I Use | Vegan Diet

I get a lot of questions about what Vegan supplements I take while being on a plant-based diet. Here are a few, I’ll add links to them below.

Naked Creatine

Naked Energy

Naked Pea Protein

GNC Vegan Gainer

Vegan B12 and D3 gummy vitamins

Naked Proteins, Creatine, Vegan Gainer, Preworkout

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Best Vegan Protein of 2020? | Steel Supplements Veg-Pro REVIEW | New Flavors | Plant Based Protein

Best Vegan Protein of 2020? | Steel Supplements Veg-Pro REVIEW | New Flavors | Plant Based Protein

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The ULTIMATE Vegan Protein Powder Review (Top 19 Tested!)

The ULTIMATE Vegan Protein Powder Review (Top 19 Tested!)

ULTIMATE Vegan Protein Powder Review (Top 19 Tested!) We analyzed 19 different vegan protein powders for taste, BCAA content, price per serving, macro-friendliness, and healthfulness. We hope this video helps you to choose the right protein powder to help you accomplish your vegan fitness goals!

(2:45) Taste test
(9:33) BCAA content
(11:11) Price per serving
(12:07) Macro-friendliness (% of calories from protein)
(13:44) Healthfulness (heavy metals, artificial ingredients)

Plant Fusion Vanilla
True Nutrition Soy Protein
Vega Sport Vanilla Protein
MRM Veggie Elite Performance Chocolate
Naked Nutrition Vanilla Pea Protein
Garden of Life Chocolate Sport
Vivo Acai & Blueberry
Sunwarrior Organic Chocolate Protein
Nuzest Chocolate Protein
Vivo Sport Salted Maca Caramel
Nutrasumma Fermented Chocolate Pea
Orgain Organic Chocolate Protein
Clean Machine Vanilla Chai
Vega Chocolate Essentials
Manitoba Hemp Pro
So Lean & So Clean
Nutiva Organic Chocolate Hemp Protein
Aloha Organic Chocolate Protein
Yuve All-In-One Chocolate Shake

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True Nutrition Discount
Use VEGANGYM5 at checkout to receive 10% off your order

The Vegan Gym is on a mission to help 1,000,000 vegans get into the best shape of their lives because we believe that the more healthy, fit vegans there are in the world, the faster veganism will spread. Let’s work together to inspire change, spread compassion, and challenge the status quo.

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Twisted Steel and Vegan Appeal | Steel Supplements Vegan Pro (ALL FLAVORS) | Robert Frank Review

Twisted Steel and Vegan Appeal | Steel Supplements Vegan Pro (ALL FLAVORS) | Robert Frank Review

How does Steel Supplements Vegan Protein Taste? How does it STACK UP? />
Steel Supplements and Robert Frank have brought you 5 flavors of their vegan protein, VEG-PRO. I go over every every FLAVOR! I go into ingredients, cost, taste, and who this protein is right for. Non dairy, Non GMO, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, but what does it taste like?

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Every episode I review a supplement to help you determine if it is right for your health needs, fitness goals, and most importantly that hard earned money. I provide a complete breakdown of macros, ingredients, taste, cost, and why/if you should use it.

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As the father of 5 year old and toddler, I am dedicated to helping dads be a great father to their children and STILL accomplish their own personal goals. I provide ideas and insights to help you dads save your time, money, and your sanity…. three things that are in short supply for every dad out there. I’ll also be taking you inside this dad’s tricks, travels, and tribulations as I cover a number of dad related subtopics. Thanks for watching and as usual, don’t save anything for the trip back.

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Diese Nährstoffe sind bei Veganer Ernährung WIRKLICH kritisch (1/3)

Diese Nährstoffe sind bei Veganer Ernährung WIRKLICH kritisch (1/3)

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Vegan Nutrition Tips, Vitamins, Supplements // I Was Wrong About B12…

Vegan Nutrition Tips, Vitamins, Supplements // I Was Wrong About B12…


//My favorite preworkout powder (20% off till Jan 3rd 2022!)
(preworkout nutrition explained here:

//Favorite Kitchen Gadgets:
★French Press:
★Silicone Stasher Bag (similar to mine):
★Lemon/Lime Juicer (similar to mine):

//Favorite Books for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle:
★Atomic Habits is my absolute FAVORITE book for healthy habit and motivation HACKS:
★Intuitive Eating Workbook (for those with disordered eating, who need to take a more gentle approach to health and nutrition):

//Supplements I take as a Vegan (I love and trust these brands)
★ Multivitamin:
(this one is good for adult men AND women)
★Algae Omega (EPA/DHA):
★Vitamin D:

★Right Rice (high fiber lentil rice):
★Seaweed (great with the Right Rice!):
★Vegan pancake mix (just add water!):

//Filming Equipment I use:
*I’ve used 3 of them and this one is the most sturdy and best in my opinion- it has lasted me the longest!

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0:00 dietitian reacts
2:00 vegan iron, red meat and cancer
3:59 calcium and vitamin D
5:18 is soy bad? vitamin D & sunscreen
8:14 iodine, selenium & omega 3s for vegans
10:39 vegan sources of zinc
11:07 vitamin B12 // dietitian career: hospital vs 1:1 counseling
13:53 does B12 type matter? // what i’ve learned
17:00 vegan protein // why am I like this
19:23 final thoughts // code word

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