There are a number of excellent vegan vitamin supplements on the market today. However, I have found that Vitamin D is by far the best source of Vitamin D for vegetarians and people eating very limited amounts of fish or shellfish. For these two groups, it is very important to find a supplement that has a variety of different types of plant based ingredients. The following article will discuss some of my favorite vegan Vitamin D dietary supplements.

I Nutraceuticals makes two wonderful Vegan Vitamin D products. One is their Original Ius Concentrate, which is an easy to make soy milk drink that can be enjoyed all day long by any vegan. The other product is their Ius Shakes, which is great energy boosters to help promote energy throughout the day. They contain Vitamin D, fatty acids, silica, chromium, and potassium.

Ironganic Acid If you are an Iron Vegan, I would suggest you look into Ironganic Acid. It is one of the newer Vegan vitamins being offered on the market. It provides significant amounts of calcium, thiamin, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, and potassium to your diet. It is currently only available in supplement form, but more retailers are starting to sell it as a liquid, powder, or capsule. To take it orally, just consume the liquid as a beverage twice a day, or as a dietary supplement every other day. To get the most benefits, take it together with a calcium-enriched diet and lots of water.

Pivotal Health System This brand of Vegan Vitamin also provides me with several of my favorite Vegan Protein Shakes. Their shakes include a variety of ingredients such as banana, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, pomegranate, maple syrup, agave, and guarana. They provide you with about 30 grams of protein for your body needs. Their base is made from soy beans, which is beneficial in many ways. They make sure to add the correct amounts of calcium, iron, and other vitamins and minerals to your diet. If you want to make sure your body gets all of the nutrients it needs, make sure you buy their powder form, which is easier to swallow than the pill version.

Liquid Drinks There are several other Vegan Vitamin supplements out there that come in both liquid and solid forms. I love Tava’s Liquid Zest, which is made from freeze dried concentrate, cacao, and xanthan gum. I take it once per day with my Vegan Vitamin smoothies and it does an amazing job of providing me with my daily dose of vitamins and antioxidants. It also helps me to lose weight. Liquid supplements can be taken daily if you follow the directions. The best thing about liquid supplements is they do not have the awful aftertaste you get from some pills.

Lichen, or Herbs (Plants) Lichen is usually found in the middle of the night next to a thick layer of marshmallows. It is used by most herbalists as a healing herb and has many uses. For instance, it helps to treat urinary tract infections, kidney stones, impotence, and fatigue. Lichen can be extracted from a number of different types of herbs, including: buckthorn, licorice, thuja, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and lantana.

Doses And Supplements There are many Vegan Vitamin supplements on the market, but only a few actually contain all the vitamins and nutrients the body needs. My favorite is Nutracea’s Ultimate Whey. It contains all the vitamins and minerals your body needs including: vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, calcium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, thiamine, and folic acid. It also has no animal fats, cholesterol, or dairy products.

Before purchasing any Vegan Vitamin supplement, be sure you check with your health care provider first. Also read the labels of ingredients. Remember that vitamins and supplements are not considered a cure for deficiencies, only a way to make up for what you might have naturally. If you have a vitamin deficiency, your health care provider will help you find a supplement that contains the proper amount of the vitamins you need.

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