Discover the gold standard in vegan omega-3 supplements delivers EPA & DHA for pregnant mothers straight from the potent, plant-based source!

At New Chapter, we believe the best vegan omega-3s for pregnant moms are the ones your body can easily recognize and absorb. That’s why our convenient, one-daily Omega-3 softgels are crafted with clinically studied algal oil that is well-absorbed by the body. Potent Omegas are naturally concentrated, providing more DHA & EPA per gram than fish. Just one softgel a day during pregnancy gives your baby critical prenatal Omega-3s. After baby is born, those same good fats help with healthy breastfeeding.*

Nature’s original Omegas from algae are the same that we treasure in fish—but straight from the sustainable vegan source. If you’re seeking a vegan alternative to fish oil, Vegan Omega-3 Complex is your answer! Delivers fermented plant-based vegan DHA & EPA from algae cultivated in a clean, closed, indoor system with no direct impact on oceans.

Experience pure, vegan, plant-based DHA & EPA:

That’s Wellness Well Done

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