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Here is a list of all the supplements I shared with you in this video AND all the links to check them out and purchase if you like!

Women’s Multi Vitamin:
Genius Mushrooms:
Turkey Tail:
(BEST) Active B- Complex:

I have received many questions pertaining to what supplements both Jake and I take on a daily basis!

In this video I share with you my daily supplement routine to support a healthy lifestyle and fit physique.

Implementing a supplement routine in my experience has been beneficial not only physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.

A good supplement routine like the one I share in this video can stabilize the body, support your cell/organ function, increase energy, increase fertility, and level out mood swings.

I can say nothing but great things about all the supplements I share here in this video. They have really really worked for me and have taking quite a bit of trial and error to dial in.

These are the highest quality and sourced supplements and I hope they inspire you in taking a more active role in supporting your physical and mental health.

All are just suggestions from my experience. I suggest taking a deeper look into these supplements and doing what feels good for your body. Above are all the supplements I mention and the links to purchase them. All supplements Vegan and Organic.

Thanks for watching. Any questions post below!

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