In this video I share the 3 supplements I currently take as a vegan and also explain how I get β€œmy protein” 😜 I also wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all of you for helping get the channel to 100 subscribers! πŸŽ‰

Links to the vitamins and book mentioned:
Vitamin B12 (similar to the one I use):
Vitamin D3:
Dulse Flakes (for Iodine): – Great customer service btw at iHerb πŸ™‚
Becoming Vegan Book:

If you are curious about my diet, check out my β€œWhat I Eat in a Day” video:

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0:00 – Where You Going to Get Your Protein?
0:11 – Intro + What This Video’s About
0:34 – How I Get My Protein
1:15 – Vitamin B12
1:50 – Vitamin D3
2:32 – Iodine
3:10 – How I Figured Out What to Supplement, Becoming Vegan Book
3:44 – To Supplement Dha/EPA or Not?
4:06 – Supplement Summary
4:22 – 100 Subscribers!! Thank You πŸ™‚
4:39 – Journey to 10k Update
5:05 – Thanks for Watching πŸ™‚


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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a dietician or a medical professional, I’m just a regular guy sharing my experience. Please consult with the medical professionals in your life before starting or stopping any supplements, especially if you take medications (such blood pressure lowering medication!).

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