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Steel Supplements and Robert Frank have brought you 5 flavors of their vegan protein, VEG-PRO. I go over every every FLAVOR! I go into ingredients, cost, taste, and who this protein is right for. Non dairy, Non GMO, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, but what does it taste like?

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Every episode I review a supplement to help you determine if it is right for your health needs, fitness goals, and most importantly that hard earned money. I provide a complete breakdown of macros, ingredients, taste, cost, and why/if you should use it.

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As the father of 5 year old and toddler, I am dedicated to helping dads be a great father to their children and STILL accomplish their own personal goals. I provide ideas and insights to help you dads save your time, money, and your sanity…. three things that are in short supply for every dad out there. I’ll also be taking you inside this dad’s tricks, travels, and tribulations as I cover a number of dad related subtopics. Thanks for watching and as usual, don’t save anything for the trip back.

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Footage Date: 4/20/2020

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