Today is all about my vegan pregnancy – the first trimester!

I can finally tell you…

I’m expecting. 🙂

*huge sigh of relief*

So that’s why my posting has been irregular! I’ve been doing an inordinate amount of sleeping, snacking, and peeing.

Voilà – now you know everything.

(Well, not quite, but the rest of it is in this week’s and next week’s vlogs, the first of which is below.)

🤰🏻 How’s the first trimester been?

Fairly gentle, though not without its fair share of challenges. For example, I’ve never experienced this kind of fatigue before.

Dude. The fatigue is real.

In addition to the physical fatigue, I’d say one of the biggest challenges has been in allowing myself to “let go” and surrender to the effects of the fatigue. As in… I’m barely getting anything done because if I’m not doing obligatory working for other people, I’m completely exhausted.

In so far as this affecting Veggie Magnifique, I can only apologize. Who knew I would be blindsided by fatigue? Well, I didn’t… so I wasn’t prepared for it. As much as this has frustrated me, again, I’ve just had to surrender to the miracle that is apparently transpiring in my womb. So, thank you for your patience these last few weeks as said miracle was causing me to be conked out on the couch.

Now, I realize that so many women have it waaaay worse. Some pregnant mamas are totally ill during their first trimester, and I am just so grateful that that hasn’t been the case for me. I feel very blessed all around, even if the past couple of months have had their challenges. (If you’re a woman who is having or had a very rough first trimester, my heart goes out to you, attached with a very big hug.)

Anyway, all the other juicy details are in the vlog – such as which supplements I’m taking and how I’m preparing – so let’s jump in, shall we?


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