Vegan Protein Deficiency – Raw Truth About Protein Supplements

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Vegan Protein Deficiency – Raw Truth About Protein Supplements
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Vegan protein deficiency – Raw truth about protein supplements. As long as we eat a whole food vegan diet then there is no need to use protein supplements or powders. vegans can only become protein deficient if we eat processed food devoid of nutrients or if we majorly under eat.

There will be no vegan protein deficiency as long as we eat a vegan diet with a good range of fruits, vegetables and a small amount of nuts and seeds. For weight training, bodybuilding and building muscle this is also the case. An increase in calories will be needed to build muscle and I find that a mixture of a handfull of almonds and a few brazil nuts every day increases testosterone levels which in turn help in strength and building muscle.

The diet doesn’t have to be all raw but a high percentage of raw organic vegan foods would be favourable for better health and improved athletic performance. So having a protein deficiency as a vegan is mostly a myth unless the foods one eats are processed and devoid of nutrition or the amount of calories eaten per day are less than adequate for the daily energy needs. If a vegan is protein deficient then we are going to find that they are deficient in many other nutrients as well because of poor diet in general. So thats the raw truth about protein supplements and powders….we don’t need them.

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