If you’re looking for protein sources that are free of eggs, milk, and meat, vegan protein is your best bet. Beans and tofu are classic vegan protein sources, but there are many others to try. Green peas and wild rice are also a great way to add extra nutrients and fiber to your diet. And of course, nut butter is a great snack or addition to your daily meal. While these sources are high in protein, they’re also high in calories and fat, so make sure to eat in moderation.

While there are plenty of plant-based protein sources for vegans, it’s best to mix your plant-based protein intake to ensure that you’re getting all the amino acids your body needs. In addition to being lower in calories, animal proteins contain all nine essential amino acids, including arginine. However, most plant-based proteins don’t contain these amino acids. Therefore, it’s important to consume several different plant-based sources to supplement your diet with the necessary amino acids.

Another great way to get a good dose of protein in the morning is with a vegan egg substitute, JUST Egg. Made from mung bean protein, JUST Egg is a convenient and healthy way to get seven grams of protein in one egg. It’s also delicious and can be eaten with sausage, apricots, and nutritional yeast. A single egg contains 19 grams of protein, so if you eat one a day, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

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