John from interviews Dr. Rick Dina, D.C. to share with you why in his experience Raw Vegan diet eaters do not necessarily need to supplement with DHA or EPA.

In this episode, you will learn more about the whole Vegan DHA supplement vs not to supplement debate and if we can make our own DHA.

You will learn why some vegans and standard American diet eaters can be deficient in DHA and the specific foods you need to eat to correct the imbalance of most vegan or non-vegan diets.

You will discover how you can eat as a raw foodist to ensure you have proper DHA levels and you get the proper ratio of essential fats from the foods you eat. You will learn how to eat an improper raw vegan diet and how you can be very imbalanced with the essential fats.

You will learn why you may not be converting the essential fats into EPA and DHA even if you eat the proper ratios and diets of whole plant-based foods and how to learn once and for all if you need to take a vegan DHA supplement made from Algae.

You will learn why John chooses to take a DHA supplement that has low concentrations of preformed DHA made from Algae.

You will discover how you can improve your diet no matter what diet you eat by registering for the FREE Raw Food Mastery 2020 summit where you will learn from successful long-term people that base their diet around health whole plant foods some almost exclusively on fresh fruits and vegetables.

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can eat a proper diet so that DHA supplementation may not be necessary and the specific cases where you may need to supplement with DHA. You will also learn how to not be scared about this whole Vegan DHA debate with some sound recommendations, science and case studies from a doctor.

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